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Kevin Smith Breaks Down a Scene from Jay and…

Comic book legend Kevin Smith takes a deep dive into a scene from his new movie "Jay and Silent Bob Reboot." He talks about the different cameos, the use of CGI and his unique filmmaking style. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will be in theaters nationwide on October 15 & 17, 2019. Tickets are available at: FathomEvents.com/Reboot

The Creator Of 'Law & Order' Isn't Leaving…

"It's not a way away from broadcast. It's a support of what I hope will be broadcast for another 10 or 15 years."

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Niall Horan Delivers Groceries To Selena Gomez As…

Niall Horan & Selena Gomez’s relationship rumours have fired back up as Niall Horan was seen delivering groceries to Selena Gomez! Also, Khloe Kardashian is telling Tristan to STOP flirting with her on Social Media! All this and more on an all new Moments of the Week!

The Walking Dead Recap: Alpha Bits

The Affair Recap: Noah Gets #MeToo'd

Don't Miss! - 10/13

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Confetti-Tossing Actor And Comedian Rip Taylor…

Taylor died Sunday at his home in Beverly Hills. He suffered a seizure last week.

Power Recap: Ride or Die

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Sophia Richie & Scott Disick Get FLIRTY On Sophia…

Looks like Sophia and Scott are spicing up their relationship after Sophia posted this sexy topless photo on Instagram and Scott quickly started flirting. All this and more coming up on an all-new Daily Rewind!

The Best Studio Headphones

Don't Miss! - 10/12

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Travis Scott SPEAKS OUT Post Kylie Jenner Breakup…

Scott Disick is starting to view Sofia as mommy material more and more each day…And Travis Scott detailed what being a father means to him amid his break up from Kylie Jenner. The news you need to know is coming up.

Queen Latifah to receive Harvard black culture…

Music artist and actress Queen Latifah is among the honorees being recognized by Harvard University this year for their contributions to black history and culture

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Van Halen Member Has Cancer—and a Theory

Legendary rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen has traveled to Germany for years to treat his throat cancer—for which he has an unusual explanation, TMZ reports. "I used metal picks—they're brass and copper—which I always held in my mouth, in the exact place where I got the tongue...