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6-Year-Old Boy Uncovers Sunken Safe

Newser — Rob Quinn

A 6-year-old boy in South Carolina has taken up "magnet fishing" as a hobby during the pandemic—and earlier this month, he reeled in a whopper. Knox Brewer helped reunite a woman with some stolen valuables after he fished a lockbox out of Whitney Lake, Fox reports.

The boy had been hunting for metal objects underwater when his magnet attached itself to something big and a bystander helped bring it up. Knox's parents contacted police, who determined that the safe, which contained credit cards, jewelry, and a waterlogged checkbook, belonged to a woman who lived across the street from the lake.

She said it had been stolen in 2012—two years before Knox was born.

"She got some missing charm bracelet pieces that were still left in there," Knox's mother says.

"She said all the expensive stuff was gone but at least she got closure and some of her pieces back." "The first thing that she did was just kneel down, hug Knox, and thanked him for bringing that closure to her," the boy's father tells WCIV.

"He himself wants to one day become a police officer and so he got a lot of fun out of them coming out and investigating, asking questions, and get to the source."

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