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Facebook Pays $7.3M for Extra Zuckerberg Need

Newser — Neal Colgrass

Facebook's CEO may have earned a paltry $1 salary last year, but he still doesn't come cheap. The world's biggest social media network increased spending on Mark Zuckerberg's security by 50% in 2017, paying over $7.3 million to keep him safe, the Guardian reports.

The money was needed "due to specific threats to his safety arising directly as a result of his position as our founder, chairman, and CEO," Facebook told US regulators.

The company also dished out more than $1.5 million on his private jets last year, bringing Zuckerberg's overall plane-and-security price to $20 million since 2015. The real reason for all that cost is likely the CEO's traveling to every US state he hadn't seen before—30 in all—as a personal challenge last year, CNET reports.

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