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Olympian Klete Keller Identified Among US Capitol Rioters

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Olympian Klete Keller Identified Among U.S. Capitol Rioters. According to ‘The New York Times,’ the gold medalist was identified by former teammates and coaches via a video circulating on Twitter. . The video showed a man, believed to be Keller, among a crowd of rioters being ushered out of the Capitol building by law enforcement. . He was not filmed committing any violent acts. . Keller was reportedly easy to identify because he was sporting his U.S. Olympic team jacket. He was also not wearing a face mask. Neither Keller nor his family has commented on his involvement in what Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has called a "failed insurrection.”. The FBI is currently tracking down and charging all rioters who entered the U.S. Capitol building. . Regardless of if it was just a trespass in the Capitol or if someone planted a pipe bomb, you will be charged and you will be found, Michael Sherwin, Acting U.S. Attorney for D.C., via ‘People’