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Former Kentucky Governor Pardons Hundreds On His Final Day, Including Violent Criminals

Wochit Postables
Former Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin was in hot water for most of his time spent in office. On his final day as governor, Bevin issued pardons for many, including violent offenders. As many as 161 pardons and 419 commutations of sentences were filed the day he left office. CNN reports that due to the high volume, the documents are still being processed. The list of pardons include... Blake Walker, convicted in 2003 of killing his parents. Kurt Smith, found guilty of murdering his 6-week old son. Micah Schoettle, convicted last year of raping a child. Delmar Partin, convicted of beheading a woman and stuffing her in a barrel Kathy Ann Harless, who left her newborn baby to die in an outhouse. Dayton Jones, convicted in 2016 of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy. Patrick Baker, convicted of reckless homicide in 2017. Patrick Baker's family previously held a fundraiser and donated to Bevin's gubernatorial campaigns. Baker's co-defendants are still in prison and have not been excused or pardoned.